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Fish Screens

FPI Water Screen Company has developed an innovative method to manufacture Self Cleaning Fish Screens that exclude fish and augment the removal of debris. 

By effectively manufacturing the screens to your particular Fish Screening Criteria; FPI can prevent fish from entering pumps, siphons, diversion, pipelines, and where ever you do not want fish to go. 

Currently, FPI can meet or exceed all current “Fish Screening Criteria” from Federal, State, and Local levels of government agencies.  Stop trying to figure out how to lift or remove fish from the water; purchase an FPI Fish Screen and prevent them from getting where you do not want them, and keep your pumps clean too!

Click here to read about fish Screen criteria from all agencies

Let FPI Water and Fish Screens help you conform to the new EPA regulation for pump intakes, (316b).  FPI can meet these new requirements and keep your impingement and mortality rates down!

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